Announcements 2021

19th July 2021

Hello everyone

Thank you for continuing to support our yoga studio here in Clitheroe as we continue to return to normal, including the reintroduction of our class pass system together with the additional ongoing online option for students. Can you believe we are approaching our third anniversary in September? We consider ourselves fortunate to have so many lovely, dedicated students who are engaged in the practice of Yoga.

Although the legal COVID restrictions are removed today we will continue to monitor class numbers to ensure classes are not overcrowded (generally no more than 10 per class), maintain the cleaning regime and the requirement for hand sanitation etc. Therefore we will continue to ask you to nominate your preferred classes for the time being and get in touch to advise of non attendance or to request an alternative or additional class.

The class timetable has been updated for July and August. This includes a break in some classes during August to account for holidays and childcare commitments.

Ongoing in studio classes

Online classes

If you have not practised yoga with us previously and are interested in joining one of our on-line classes then please give us a call.  Whilst we currently do not have specific introductory courses available you may be able to join an existing general class. 

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please call or drop us an email. Details are here on the contact us page.

Wishing you a happy, safe and sunny summer.

Helen and Heather